Our partner products: Jetcol OS

Jetcol OS is a completely new paper, the first in the industry that has been developed for oil and solvent based sublimation inks.


The concept of Jetcol OS is largely the same as that of Jetcol HTR regarding print quality and the scalability of the design. The difference however is that Jetcol OS is

compatible with both oil based and solvent based inks. The coating is designed to receive the oil or solvent in the ink without interfering with the transfer yield. A special

feature is the prevention of oil or solvent strike-through on the paper when applying large amounts of ink. The transfer yield makes a wide color gamut possible, resulting

in rich and vibrant colors and a very deep saturated black. In order to take advantage of the wider color gamut we advise ensuring that correct ICC profiles are used.


The handling of media with a printer that is 100 inches or more in width requires a sufficiently strong paper, and at 125 g/m2 Jetcol OS provides that strength.


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