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The important is "Im-printing"

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REGGIANI history is significant to understand today's reality, values and targets. REGGIANI was born in the 50s from Mr Reggiani's need to improve and develop new technologies in textile printing and finishing sectors. Since then, REGGIANI has been keeping his family company vocation, focusing on innovation, quality and increasing competitive needs of his customers.


ReNOIR: The digital Excellence

Resulting from the link between innovation and tradition, ReNOIR is the digital printing machine born from a vision facing the future but remaining well anchored to Reggiani's heritage matured with years of experience, research and market leadership.

ReNOIR is able to process any kind of substrate.
Thanks to a tailor-made blanket and an embedded dryer, ReNOIR ensures the highest standards of productivity, reliability and quality. ReNOIR is a very adaptable and flexible machine, able to conform Clients needs, key factor for all who want to rule the market changes not only follow them.



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